About Brad

Helping to make your mortgage financing experience seamless and successful.

There are many reasons for you to connect with me, but ultimately you need a mortgage professional that puts your needs and goals first. Someone who stays with you every step of the way. It is with this ethic in mind that I strive to support you in your journey in whatever form it takes.

As a mortgage agent, I remain informed about the latest Ottawa mortgage trends, and I endeavor to make learning about mortgages an enjoyable experience for clients of all stages of financial literacy.

I am available whenever you need to reach me to discuss your needs and concerns, so you are equipped to make an informed choice when it is most important. Reach out by any means that works for you, and I will do everything that I can to accommodate your needs.

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Why Choose Me?

Planning And Portfolio Strategy Down To The Fine Details

My combination of public and private sector financial experience along with my passion for detail enables me to address your goals from a broad and strategic perspective while paying close attention to the details involved in assessing your financing intentions. I am positioned to help first-time home buyers, who are taking their first steps on the ownership journey, or with supporting existing mortgage holders with renewals and refinances on the horizon. I can also work with seasoned real estate investors, who are building their existing portfolio.

Benefit From Zero Cost Services

As a mortgage agent, I am compensated by the lenders that I find suitable borrowers for. This means that my services are free to you. I am compensated when I successfully find you the appropriate lender and mortgage financing solutions, and I continue to remain available as a single point of contact for you, your family, and friends for any mortgage-related needs.

A Community Of Partners Ready To Serve You

I work closely with realtors, financial planners, insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants, and numerous other leading professionals to ensure you get the most comprehensive service possible. You might also have your own network of professionals that you have established relationships with. In either scenario, I am happy to support you to ensure you have who you need when you need them. I can align you with the right network partners at the right time in your journey in order to maximize your access to knowledge, experience, and support as seamlessly as possible.